In my previous roles I have worked on a range of different projects including four that have won industry awards.  I have demonstrable experience of my skill base including acting as an expert witness with respect to ground related abnormal costs and working on the Environment Agency waste crime project. 


The projects that won industry awards are: 

Brownfield Briefing 'Best Conceptual Design Award', October 2016

Innovative site investigation to assess preferential contaminate flux zones within a fractured chalk bedrock using point dilution tracer testing and multi-level sampling followed by design and installation of zero valent iron barrier to treat chlorinated hydrocarbons

Environment Agency Project Excellence Award for Efficiency, 2015

Innovative investigation and risk assessment of soil impacted with asbestos to demonstrate that risks to receptors were low, negating the need to install a costly cover system and resulting in cost savings of £2.3 million

Brownfield Briefing 'Best Project closure/Verification Process Award', October 2014

Remediation of significant hydrocarbon plume at former oil storage facility and estimation of residual abnormal development costs to enable lease surrender. BartTM and Biotrap® sample analyses were used to demonstrate natural degradation processes were active

Brownfield Briefing 'Best Use of a Combination of Remediation Techniques', October 2012

Remediation of a landfill site on a former pharmaceutical manufacturing works that contained 1940s laboratory waste.  The remediation strategy involved multiple ex situ treatment techniques and enabled materials to be reused at the site instead of being taken to landfill